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Thought for a Sunday.

Poster created by Peter Cohen for the Coalition for the Homeless.


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Child Prostitution in Mombasa.

I find stories like this, about the child sex trade in Kenya, to be completely appalling. To me there isn’t much that is lower than abuse of children for sexual purposes.  (Sermon over!) I sure hope that the new Obama administration makes an issue out of this kind of thing.

I hadn’t a clue about the city’s thriving sex business until I noticed dozens of women and several girls and boys, no older than age 10, dressed for sale on the narrow road heading north from the city. Go-go bars and clubs frequented by sex workers form a patchwork of poverty along the road that is highly trafficked by European sun-seekers. According to my Kenyan friends, they’re seeking more than sun. When I inquired about the phenomenon, everyone told me that tightened restrictions in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia had pushed the trade to Mombasa, where dozens of weekly flights from Europe fuel its existence.

But I suspect there’s more to it. This situation is just the latest example of malfeasance and human rights misery that follows the weakest governments. Child sex tourism in Mombasa is the direct result of lax local laws and corrupt public officials, including police. The police tried on five occasions to take my driver’s license and hold it for a bribe; one can only imagine how they engage in the finances of sex work and childhood sex slavery. While the core of the problem is poverty, it’s clear that poor governance plays an enormous role in it.

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The Old Fart’s Tuesday Recommendations.

  • I find it so hard to comprehend how any intelligent person could believe this.  But, then I did qualify it with the word intelligent. Thankfully we have only one more week to put up with it.
  • A good choice, Sharon Watkins,  by Obama for the sermon at the Inaugural Prayer Service.
  • Barry Taylor on The Fat Jesus.
  • The horror happening in Zimbabwe that is being hidden from the world.

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Why Obama is More Pro-Life Than McCain.

In a discussion with some friends, last night, I said that even though Obama supported a woman’s right to choose I considered him the real pro-life candidate as his policies, on the whole, more fully support life in all its forms. Many supposed “pro-life” (really anti-abortion) supporters don’t support policies that make life possible and easier for poor children after they are born. Likewise, they are very strong supporters of the death penalty, which is NOT being pro life.

From Catholic writer, Rocco Palmo comes word of this statement from Nigerian Catholic Archbishop John Onaiyekan strongly supporting Obama over McCain.

“Of course I believe that abortion is wrong, that it’s killing innocent life,” he said. “I also believe, however, that those who are against abortion should be consistent.

“If my choice is between a person who makes room for abortion, but who is really pro-life in terms of justice in the world, peace in the world, I will prefer him to somebody who doesn’t support abortion but who is driving millions of people in the world to death,” Onaiyekan said.

“It’s a whole package, and you never get a politician who will please you in everything,” he said. “You always have to pick and choose.”

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