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To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Coming soon, the old fart returns after the new year.  Facebook be damned, I can do both can’t I?



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Where have I been?

Wow.  I guess I didn’t realize it’s been over 10 days since I posted anything to the blog. I’ve been busy with a project for Get on the Bus as well as a personal intent to break my blogging addiction.   I’ve moved much of my posts/thoughts to my facebook page which you can access via the link on the right.  If you friend me, mention you were/are a reader of Opinionated Old Fart’s blog so I know who you are.

In addition, I am today interviewing for a position as Outreach Coordinator at my church.  It’s been close to a year since my job ended so it’s time to get back to work and I really want to focus my talents on something with some redeeming social value/impact.

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RIP Cornelia.

My friend Cornelia, a regular and early reader of this blog, passed away peacefully on Friday after choosing palliative care over an uncertain to impossible treatment plan a few months ago.  She was a strong, independent woman and I will miss her.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

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Gone fishing?

dsc_0051_2My crazy German friend Sven-Uwe (along with another friend of his, Robert) is here from Frankfurt for a few days and I suspect blogging will continue to be light.  We’re cooking, eating at some good restaurants, doing some LA touristy things, checking out interesting organs in LA (Robert’s an organist), attending a Mendholssohn concert, etc.

Busy, busy, busy.  But, it’s Sven-Uwe’s birthday Saturday (41 – no one should be that young) and he’s celebrating.

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The Old Fart’s favorite hat maker.

Here’s a video I found about Frenel Morris, a real cool hat maker in NYC. Since my doctor said I should wear hats to avoid skin cancer on the bald head, I’ve been hooked on his great hats.

_mg_6713Visit them in NYC or check out their website.

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Tell me about it.

Interesting article on how the current recession has impacted those of us in the baby boom generation. And some of us don’t have much hair left to die black.

Many out-of-work baby boomers have despaired as they wonder whether to trim their résumés to avoid giving away their decades of work experience, or to dye their hair.

Yes the blogging hiatus has failed to bring a job.  So I am off this morning to my regularly scheduled Monday morning volunteering for the growing group of homeless men and women in the Beverly Hills area. We have gone from an average of 80 -90 each Monday to a high, about two weeks ago of almost 190.

Today I am off to slice 130 pounds of ham.

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Happy Easter!

Once I knew there was a love divine

Then came a time I thought it knew me not

Who can forgive forgiveness where forgiveness is not

Only the lamb as white as snow

And the water, it was icy

As it washed over me

And the moon shone above me

Now this dry ground it bears no fruit at all

Only poppies laugh under the crescent moon

The road refuses strangers

The land the seeds we sow

Where might we find the lamb as white as snow

The lyrics are by Bono, from “White as Snow,” a beautiful song from the new U2 album, “No Line on the Horizon.”

Have a great day.  I am off to Santa Barbara for my friends’ (Taylor and Martha) son Alexander’s baptism. Will be back to some kind of regular blogging schedule tomorrow. It’s been nice taking a break but I have to admit there are times when I was tempted to let you have it.

Soon, my friends, very soon.

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