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And so it begins.

Is it too early to start thinking about the 2012 Presidential campaign?  Never.  So, here’s the start of it and some new campaign gear for the GOP.

palinstupidFrom The General’s Store.



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Tax problems afflict everyone.

Lest you think only Democrat Obama cabinet appointments have problems with unpaid back taxes, Sarah Palin is caught up in her own unpaid tax problem too.

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The Old Fart’s Thursday Recommendations.

  • Old is in according to Gail Collins. That should make the old fart’s heart sing.
  • Pallin Around With Sarah and Bill – a possible new talk show staring Sarah Palin and Bill Ayres.
  • Why you are fat. Some truly gross and disgusting food. Be sure to check out more than just the first page. I might taste (and only a taste for my sweet tooth) the Deep Fried Peanut Butter-Covered Brownie Wrapped In Cookie Dough but nothing else pictured here.

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Get Ready, Here She Comes Again!

picture-13Not that she ever left the stage, but SarahPac is here.

Looks like we will have Sarah Palin to kick around for some time to come.  Let’s just hope we don’t end up her in any capacity more than Governor of Alaska.


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Books We Will NEVER Read.

Joining “W”‘s yet to be published memoirs, comes this soon-to-be gem.

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McCain-Palin Fire Sale.


Get your used campaign equipment here.  But, don’t be lookin’ for any of that fashionable attire from Saks or Neiman’s that was purchased for the Palin family.

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I Just Can’t Quit You.

I can’t stop. I try to stop the Sarah Palin bashing but just can’t do it. Gail Collins, in her NY Times column today, has this interesting tidbit, which just confirms that idiots love her. Even 30 days post election the right wing lunatics still buy the same message.palin_chambliss1

One woman at a Sarah Palin rally told The Times’s Robbie Brown that she was terrified that Obama was “going to push a socialist agenda” but that she was sure “Saxby Chambliss can stop him.”

Now Chambliss has been a senator for six years, and his greatest achievement was getting ranked the 33rd best golfer in Washington by Golf Digest. It is highly unlikely that he could stop the president from doing anything beyond making a putt.

Part of me really hope she sticks around to “lead” the GOP.

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