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Happy “Mission Accomplished” Day.

It’s been 6 years.  How time flys.



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Words George W. Bush wishes he had thought of.

If only he had thought of this to say during the Katrina mess.

“They have everything they need, they have medical care, hot food… Of course, their current lodgings are a bit temporary. but they should see it like a weekend of camping.”

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The Old Fart’s Wednesday Recommendations.

After a couple of days where I was doing other things, mostly cooking, I’m back with a few recommendations for you:

  • MoDo on “Cheney and the Goat Devil.”
  • Marc Ambinder on the shifting tone among potential GOP presidential candidates on the issue of support for gay civil unions/marriage.
  • Lots of interesting editorials and op-eds on bipartisanship and on the GOP just saying no. Thomas Frank on the media obsession with bipartisanship, James Morone on a historical picture of bipartisanship, and even Bush’s former speech writer, Michael Gerson thinks the GOP needs to move from its “No” posture.
  • Thanks but no thanks for that senator from Chicago. As Ta-Nehisi Coates writes, “you have your black senator now, isn’t he a dandy.”
  • A great article in The Atlantic on how the current economic crash will reshape America. It’s long so take the time to read it and weep (or not).
  • Cathleen Falsani on is A-Rod forgivable.
  • Paul Martin posts a new creed for the “Church of the Free Market.” All I have to add to that is, “Amen!.”
  • And, finally, an interesting blog post on “Amish Hackers” by Kevin Kelly. Having grown up not too far from Amish Country in Pennsylvania, I found it an interesting read.

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The Old Fart’s Tuesday Recommendations.

  • I watched Obama’s prepared statement at his press conference and then listened to the Q&A as I was driving to LAX.  Forgetting the actual answers, I was amazed at what I was hearing as far as the language, complete sentences and fully thought out answers. Mark Nickolas has run Obama’s answer through Word’s readability scoring and compared them to Bush’s with a not very surprising result if you you’ve been paying attention.
  • Anne Appelbaum on our only ticket out of Afghanistan, the Afghan army.
  • Noam Scheiber on Obama’s mastery of the old “rope-a-dope.”
  • When you hear the word “Christian,” what comes to mind? Is it love, compassion, service, humility and grace? Or is it more along the lines of anger, self-righteousness, judgmentalism and hypocrisy? Cathlene Falsani on, one of my pet issues, the need to re-brand Christianity and the documentary, “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers.”

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Deep thought.

Watching the talking heads this morning it is clear that:

“Obama is a failure because in 2 1/2 weeks he hasn’t fixed all that Bush screwed up in 8 years.”

Dear God, make them go away.

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Get a sense of humor people.

Some people need to be less uptight and get a sense of humor. As my friend Chris would say, “now, that’s funny.”

“We were joking that now that he was out of office, he could do whatever he wants,” Mr. McKay said, “and so I said, ‘Let’s have him show his own penis,’ and Ferrell was like, ‘O.K.’ ”

“He is a frat boy, a big party guy, and you could imagine him doing this,” Mr. McKay added, describing Mr. Bush, who is 63. “Though I want to make clear I’m not blaming the president for our very bad taste.”

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The Old Fart’s Friday Recommendations.

  • Check out the Rock and Theology project.
  • With all the Republican talk of spending in the much needed stimulus bill, they forgot to look at the Bush administrations wasteful overspending on the first half of the TARP. $78 billion worth.
  • Paul Krugman continues to warn us of the dire consequence of failure to stimulate/spend enough.

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