Gone fishing?

dsc_0051_2My crazy German friend Sven-Uwe (along with another friend of his, Robert) is here from Frankfurt for a few days and I suspect blogging will continue to be light.  We’re cooking, eating at some good restaurants, doing some LA touristy things, checking out interesting organs in LA (Robert’s an organist), attending a Mendholssohn concert, etc.

Busy, busy, busy.  But, it’s Sven-Uwe’s birthday Saturday (41 – no one should be that young) and he’s celebrating.


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  1. 41.
    41 was a great year, not the ‘year’ 1941, at least that’s not what I’m referring to, but being 41.. yep. that was a fabulous year!

    Happy Birthday Sven-Uwe! You’re in great company for celebrations.