Another Day.

My day has gotten off to a screwy start as my Internet connection was down when I woke up and just now came back on.  I was planning on taking care of some online stuff (especially finishing taxes) so this screwed everything up.  So, I probably won’t have much time to do much blogging today.  Besides, nothing really seems to be getting under my skin, or making me exceeding excited.

In the meantime, I leave you with a video by my friend, LA singer song-writer, Claire Holley.

Also, FYI, Image Journal has just named Claire “Artist of the Month,” saying that she:

writes songs that are literary, playful, meditative, and earthy. A native of Mississippi, she owes much to the southern tradition of storytelling, and just as much to the southern tradition of charm, which is to say of knowing how much is too much and how much is enough, of finding just the right blend of mystery and brass, seductiveness and self-deprecation. With spare, delicate arrangements and a frank, lovely, and versatile sound, she sings deceptively simple songs about love, motherhood, and family life. Hers is a value for the ordinary pleasures as well as the profound questions. Both as a lyricist and a singer, Holley is an exemplar of the value of not overdoing it. Though gifted with a mighty voice, she uses it with restraint and without affectation, and her lyrics seem so effortless at first that you can almost miss their weight. Many of her original songs sound like they might be traditionals, with the stripped-down diction of the oldest American music and the beauty of Shaker furniture, but all bear Holley’s distinct stamp: a spareness that is at times eerie, at times sweet, always full of grace.


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