A Lenten Prayer.

Because temptation is woven into the fabric of our lives,

and we know the weariness of forty days in the desert,

and the beckoning power of sweet fruit,

and the vain promise of the world,

We need you, God.

Because we see the broken before the whole,

and the half empty cup, and the unfinished task,

and the thirst in freedom’s quest,

We need you, God.

Because we trust in what we can see,

and we are blinded by our prejudices,

and we do not know what we do not know,

We need you, God.

Because our need for correctness exceeds our need for truth,

and our excuses preempt the cry of the wounded,

and our celebration of blessing is mindless of those displaced,

We need you, God.

Because you came among us,

and breathed into our sinewy soul,

and healed our pain and let us wound you,

and loved us to the end,

and triumphed over all our hatred,

We need you, God.


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