Sunday Google.

Google your first name and “needs” and see what the results are.  Here are my top 10 results.  Do I sense a theme here?

1.  Clyde needs to address issues.

2.  Clyde needs a road bike.

3.  Clyde needs donations.

4.  Clyde needs triathlon bike advise.

5.  Clyde needs a loving home.

6.  Clyde needs a Bonnie.

7.  Clyde needs a home or rescue.

8.  Clyde needs this wing.

9.  Clyde needs your dollars.

10. Clyde needs love too.


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One response to “Sunday Google.

  1. Alan Delamora

    Alan needs a DLL Guru?
    Alan needs parents for patty cake?
    WTF?! Yours are better.