In Memory of Happy.

I didn’t know Happy all that well but she was always a joy to see and to be with, as her nickname would imply. I first met Happy about 7 years ago when, on Mondays, she’d bring her grandson to the kitchen at church to help with our homeless meal. She always put others first.  In her memory, I reprint an anonymous quote that was found in her purse among her family photographs.

“Happiness is different from fun and pleasure. It’s a less intense, but more durable feeling of well-being.  It’s not a continuous state.  A good life is usually seasoned with moments of joy and despair, play and work, success and failure.  Happiness is a kind of emotional resting place of quiet satisfaction with one’s life.  The art of living a happy life lies not in having more of what you want, but in getting better at enjoying what you have.”

In her honor may we all find this kind of happiness.


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