The Old Fart’s Wednesday Recommendations.

After a couple of days where I was doing other things, mostly cooking, I’m back with a few recommendations for you:

  • MoDo on “Cheney and the Goat Devil.”
  • Marc Ambinder on the shifting tone among potential GOP presidential candidates on the issue of support for gay civil unions/marriage.
  • Lots of interesting editorials and op-eds on bipartisanship and on the GOP just saying no. Thomas Frank on the media obsession with bipartisanship, James Morone on a historical picture of bipartisanship, and even Bush’s former speech writer, Michael Gerson thinks the GOP needs to move from its “No” posture.
  • Thanks but no thanks for that senator from Chicago. As Ta-Nehisi Coates writes, “you have your black senator now, isn’t he a dandy.”
  • A great article in The Atlantic on how the current economic crash will reshape America. It’s long so take the time to read it and weep (or not).
  • Cathleen Falsani on is A-Rod forgivable.
  • Paul Martin posts a new creed for the “Church of the Free Market.” All I have to add to that is, “Amen!.”
  • And, finally, an interesting blog post on “Amish Hackers” by Kevin Kelly. Having grown up not too far from Amish Country in Pennsylvania, I found it an interesting read.

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