Movies to watch for.

Yesterday I saw the overrated “Slumdog Millionaire,” finally.  But, rather than talk about how I wasn’t taken with either the poverty of Mumbai or the hope of the TV game show, I want to point you to two previews I saw that seem like movies to keep an eye out for.

First was “American Violet,” which is based on real events and is the story of Dee Roberts and her encounter with “the law” and being falsely accused of a drug violation. Rather than take a plea that would brand her a felon forever, Dee takes on the powerful DA and changes the Texas justice system.

The second one was “The Soloist,” with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr., about a cellist who becomes homeless. I first found out about this one as a client, the newly formed Corona Symphony Orchestra, is making its plans for joining other symphony orchestras around the country to help feed the hungry. The preview looks like it will be worth watching.

I have no idea if either will be good but at least I have something to look forward to in my Saturday morning movie viewing. Both seem to deal with issues that are on the top of my awareness.


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