Forgive me Lord, for Mitch has sinned.

A reader at Talking Points Memo makes a great point shooting down Mitch McConnell’s line that if you spent $1 million every day since the day Jesus was born, you still wouldn’t have spent $1 trillion:

This may be maddening and juvenile but Democratic lawmakers have to knock these sound bytes down with their own.

Please, anyone:

“Senator McConnell is flaunting his economic ignorance because if you started the day Jesus was born and created TWENTY million dollars in wealth every day you would have the wealth created in the US economy each year. AND if you flushed TWO million dollars down the toilet every day since Jesus was born you would have the credit losses in the US economy just last year. AND if you flushed THREE million a day, you would have lost less than the money that this recession is projected to cost by the end of next year. We no longer measure boats by cubits and we should not design economic stimulus based on a Jesus’ birthday, so will the Minority Leader please either engage in a serious talk about economic policy or step aside and let the adults handle it?”


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