This kind of thing should NOT happen in a civilized society.

cole1_200In 1985, Timothy Cole was a student in Lubbock when he was arrested and accused of being the Texas Tech rapist. A string of coeds had been raped, and the young African-American man from Fort Worth, who’d never been in trouble with the law before, was convicted largely on the eyewitness account of one rape victim.

Nearly two decades later, a jailhouse confession by another man prompted new DNA testing in the case. Those tests proved that Cole was innocent, that he should be exonerated and released. But in this case, that proved impossible.

It was impossible because he had already died in prison.  While he wasn’t executed, innocent people can be, by our current death penalty statutes.  We need to eliminate the death penalty and provide a chance for redemption. The story also points out the need for better medical care in prison too.

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2 responses to “This kind of thing should NOT happen in a civilized society.

  1. nothing i can say but glad you posted this


  2. Unspeakably sad. and yes, I know.
    and there are folks who think they should be proud of our country 24/7? This type of behavior is beyond shameful. definitely not pride worthy.