The Best Show on TV Returns March 2!


If you haven’t seen Holly Hunter in “Saving Grace,” you need to.



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5 responses to “The Best Show on TV Returns March 2!

  1. Heh, of course I watch that show :^)

  2. Marianee, you don’t count. You live in Oklahoma. I suspect this is the only TV show ever to be set in your state or am I missing something.

  3. Heh, I don’t know, Clyde, but it is interesting seeing OKC and surrounding areas up on the screen.
    waddya mean, I don’t count…. ;^)

  4. ps… that photo just completely creeps Bobby out, her arm draped across the barbed wire. ouch.

  5. You count Marianne. You count. You just need more people who think like you so that Oklahoma turns at least a shade of purple.