Get off the stage now! Your 15 minutes are over.

blagojevich1Will Rod Blagojevich get off the political stage now that he’s been impeached?  I doubt it but he should. We all have more important things to do than to listen to or read his rants.  He can fight the legal charges in a court of law where he is innocent until proved otherwise, but he is a distraction for the people of Illinois and the rest of us who have to see his face every day on the TV machine.

Some readers think I only harp on the idiocy of Sarah Palin but other politicians (some who I agree with on more issues than I disagree with them on) drive me crazy too.



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3 responses to “Get off the stage now! Your 15 minutes are over.

  1. diane

    In all my years of voting, I have only one regret, and that’s voting for this idiot. Mea culpa.
    And to answer your question, no, he won’t go away. We opened that Pandora’s Box, and we can’t stuff him back in. The trial is going to be a fiasco and the media will love it. However, in their infinite wisdom, the Illinois Senate did bar him from ever holding public office again in Illinois. Beware, he may be coming to a state near you.

  2. Oh no. Do I have to leave CA after 26 years?

  3. diane

    You might be safe in CA. He seems to prefer the east coast, especially those bright lights in NYC. But stay vigilant!