The Old Fart’s Wednesday Recommendations.

  • Religion and Ethics Newsweekly republishes on its blog a talk by the late John Updike on religion in his work.
  • Michiko Kakutani’s appraisal on the life and work of John Updike, is a must read. “Endowed with an art student’s pictorial imagination, a journalist’s sociological eye and a poet’s gift for metaphor, John Updike — who died on Tuesday at 76 — was arguably this country’s one true all-around man of letters. He moved fluently from fiction to criticism, from light verse to short stories to the long-distance form of the novel: a literary decathlete in our age of electronic distraction and willful specialization, Victorian in his industriousness and almost blogger-like in his determination to turn every scrap of knowledge and experience into words.”
  • CBS Reports on human trafficking in the US.
  • Jonathan Sacks: Where was God in the Holocaust?

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