The Dark Grey Chill Of A Christmas.

Given the 2 Oscar nominations for this movie (screenplay and Melissa Leo for best actress), I thought I’d repost my comments from a few months ago.

I just returned from seeing an amazing independent film, Frozen River. Go see it!

Frozen River is a movie, filled with compassion and humanity, that deals with immigration, racial hatred, depressing poverty, single motherhood and native American sovereignty, among other things. The two main characters are Rae, a working mom whose husband has just run off with the family’s meager savings, on a gambling binge, and Lila a Mohawk woman who is struggling to get her baby back while living within the cultural limitations of her native American community. This unlikely duo become partners in an effort that, in spite of their dislike of each other, has them crossing the frozen St. Lawrence River, on the US/Canadian border, bringing illegal immigrants into the US. ,

The movie, which takes place just before Christmas, is a strong affirmation of single motherhood and brings dignity to those living in lower income situations. From a Christian perspective one can’t fail to see the parallels to the Christmas story–Jesus born on the road as a refugee with no place to stay. And, it takes a miracle to make it through the long dark night.
It’s a movie of compassion celebrating the human spirit. The performances are first rate, especially Melissa Leo as Rae who gives an award winning performance, filled with intensity, resilience, and tenderness.
If you get a chance to see Frozen River, which I am sure will not be widely released, don’t miss it.

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