Obama Supporter’s House Burned.

Just in case anyone thought the Obama era would bring an end to bigotry and hate, think againd1dd0bxvg34d4099med.

Graf’s home burned down early Jan. 18 in what authorities are calling a “suspicious fire.” Most shocking to Graf, and to some of the citizens of the county, state and nation at large, was graffiti the apparent arsonist left on scene.

Spray painted on the fence around the home it said, “Beware [expletive deleted] your black boy will die.”

While Forsyth County fire investigators refuse to comment on the nature of the statement, Graf, who moved to north Forsyth from Dover, Del., three years ago, said there’s little doubt as to its meaning.

“I do not think they were targeting me personally,” she said. “It seems obvious that this is a direct result of my support of the president. They don’t support the president, so they attack me. I’m a very easy target for someone’s racial hatred.”


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  1. On the other side, Obama campaigned for his cousin Odinga who burned down a Christian church killing the 400 people he locked inside

    So the score is one empty house for the Christians,
    400 dead Christians for the Obama politicians

    openess and transparancy initiatives?

    he is not open to his own Dept of Labor

    After I criticised Obama’s job plan as being too small, Obama’s jobs plan was updated on Jan 8th to create or replace 2,500,000 jobs

    On Jan 10 the Labor Dept announced 2,600,000 jobs were lost in 2007

    Wouldn’t you think a leader formulating a jobs plan would talk to, even consult with, his jobs dept, aka labor dept, etc, before shooting off his mouth?

    So Obama’s fight against Global Warming starts with 100,000 fewer jobs

    I like your blog

    Care to reciprocally exchange blogroll links?

    Also, read about Obama’s Love Affair of the Century which treats his “opennessand transparancy” at