The Last Token.

A poem for the inauguration by Tobias Haller.

The Last Token

Let not Barack Obama
be just another token,
pointed to as proof —
sign of one race’s victory
or another’s tolerance.

Let not this new beginning
be conceived of as an end,
as something we’ve accomplished;
for we still have far,
so very far, to go.

Rather let this be
a true inauguration,
a new beginning.

Let him not be
just one more sign or symbol,
but an efficacious sacramental presence;
real flesh and blood,
present and vocal:
to call us all
to sweat and tears,
to set our hands to work
to do the many tasks
that lie before us.

Let this be
the end of tokens,
signs and symbols of deceptive promise;
let this be
the inauguration,
not the benediction,
of our hopes.

Let this be
in form and substance
active and alive;
not contented evening,
but the hopeful dawn.

Tobias Haller BSG


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