The Old Fart’s Thursday Recommendations.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been reading that might interest you.

  • Next time you send an email that get’s you in trouble, here’s your alibi, sleep-emailing.
  • Before he is even inaugurated, President-elect Obama’s impact is being felt at the Pentagon with plans for a faster withdrawal from Iraq.
  • The Governator, who came into office in CA on the heals of a recall due to a budget crisis, is dealing with a huge budget crisis and making a speech today. One solution, issuing IOUs. Can we issue IOUs instead of paying our state taxes to Arnie?
  • RickRolling jumps the shark.
  • More on the power of the people (us) in the new Obama white house from Michael Scherer of Time.
  • Goodbye to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Or so says Obama flack Gibbs. Let’s hope he handles the politics better than Clinton did and this gets done right.
  • Will high culture make a comeback under an Obama presidency? Let’s hope so.
  • Let’s hope Obama can turn around the US move toward Banana Republic status because the Supreme Court continues to move us in that direction.

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