The “24” Defense.

It seems that all they have left to defend the use of torture is fiction. I never watch Fox News but  thankfully others do it for me and report on the idiots using the TV show “24” to justify the continued use of torture and keeping Gitmo open.

Beck and the Fox & Friends hosts also invoked 24 as a justification for the use of torture. Referring to the show’s recent season premiere, in which protagonist Jack Bauer, a former member of the fictional “Counter Terrorist Unit,” defends his use of torture during a hearing before Congress, Beck said: “[I]t’s going to take somebody who sits in front of Congress who is not afraid of them anymore and does what Jack Bauer did. And that is, ‘Yes, I did torture, and I’m proud of it.’ And it’s time for these things to come out of the closet.” Introducing an excerpt from 24, in which Bauer is seen answering questions from a congressional committee about torture, Kilmeade stated: “Let’s listen to what happened in the fictional series 24 and see if this helps build your argument.”


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