Image is Important.

I’m back from my blog hiatus, holiday merry making and trips to the CA desert and Seattle rain and took the time yesterday to head off to the movies. picture-1

If you lived through the Nixon administration, like me, or if you are interested in excellent moviemaking, go see “Frost/Nixon.”  Ron Howard’s pic on the TV interviewer who, after hours of being bested by Nixon on other subjects was the one person to get Nixon to admit to his wrongdoing during Watergate. The cast, lead by Frank Langella and Michael Sheen is first rate and the story captivating.  I went with someone born in 1966 who obviously had no first hand knowledge of the events and he was totally intrigued.

There is much to be taken from the movie on the subject of “loss and redemption” as well as the power of the closeup, which Nixon was aware of from his 1960 debates with JFK but apparently egotistically managed to forget about during the last quarter of the inteviews, when the subject got around to Watergate.

Seeing the movie made me wonder who will be the journalist or interviewer to get “W” to truthfully admit to his crimes. Will it ever happen?  If so, I suspect it will be a long time from now.


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