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When was the last time a Nobel Prize winner was in a US President’s cabinet (before he won the prize)? Ever? Sounds like a smart choice to assist in changing directions of US energy policy and taking us to the future.

Here’s an interesting article from 2007 regarding new and cheaper alternatives to gasoline where Chu talks about using biology to find more efficient fuels.

In one experiment, Illinois researchers converted miscanthus grass into ethanol at a rate of 2,500 gallons per acre, said Christopher Somerville, a researcher at the Carnegie Institution and Stanford University.

If the technology could be commercialized, Chu said, that yield would be “2.5 times higher than sugar cane,” which is the crop of choice for Brazil’s booming ethanol industry. Theoretically, cellulose-based ethanol could replace at least one-third of the gasoline used in the United States today, Chu said.


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