I Just Can’t Quit You.

I can’t stop. I try to stop the Sarah Palin bashing but just can’t do it. Gail Collins, in her NY Times column today, has this interesting tidbit, which just confirms that idiots love her. Even 30 days post election the right wing lunatics still buy the same message.palin_chambliss1

One woman at a Sarah Palin rally told The Times’s Robbie Brown that she was terrified that Obama was “going to push a socialist agenda” but that she was sure “Saxby Chambliss can stop him.”

Now Chambliss has been a senator for six years, and his greatest achievement was getting ranked the 33rd best golfer in Washington by Golf Digest. It is highly unlikely that he could stop the president from doing anything beyond making a putt.

Part of me really hope she sticks around to “lead” the GOP.


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