Wrongly Accused Guardian Angel.

The Pasadena Weekly has a story about my friend, Gloria Killian.  Gloria and I worked together on the Get on the Bus project and another effort when I was a xmasparty6chaplain at LA County Jail.

Killian was released after 16 years of being wrongfully imprisoned for a homicide she had purportedly masterminded.


Gloria could justifiably be bitter and hostile now, stewing over the 22 years she spent working at clearing her name and sitting in prison. Instead, she has taken her tragic circumstances and turned them into goodness — and yes, some greatness — for others.

Read the entire story and, if you can, throw a few dollars to the charity she runs, Action Committee for Women in Prison.


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  1. LynnM

    You are blessed to have such amazing friends! I couldn’t read the Pasadena link until today because I’ve been battling with my old eMac and trying to upgrade. Her past battle and current good work put my silly little issues in perspective.