Prayers for President-elect Obama.

Read all of Cathleenobamapraybw‘s post about her experience in Grant Park this past Tuesday night. I especially liked her own prayers for our newly elected President. I think they summarize how we should all be praying for him.

May he walk in love.

May he know the joy of seeing bridges built, wounds healed and war ended; of being physically present in his daughters’ lives and in his marriage, and of playing basketball with old friends.

May he have the peace that surpasses all understanding.

May he be blessed with longsuffering when faced with hate, bigotry, intolerance, violence, corruption, and the seemingly immovable.

May he act with kindness and be treated kindly in return.

May he have the goodness to turn the other cheek, and the wisdom to act.

May he have the faithfulness to keep his promises — to the nation, to his family, to himself, to his Creator.

May he continue to have a gentleness of spirit that chooses grace over pride.

And may he have the discipline to do all he must do without jeopardizing his health, his conscience or his soul.



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2 responses to “Prayers for President-elect Obama.

  1. Beautiful prayer.

    My daughter asked me, “what is war? I chose not to tell her. Please stop by and make a comment on my poem, and promote a peaceful world. Thank you.