Dancing in the Streets.

OK, I know I said no blogging but this one was just too good.



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6 responses to “Dancing in the Streets.

  1. K. Hart

    Don is recording in New York, and called me from Times Square last night- the roar was deafening! He had to walk two blocks out of the way to get through.

  2. This was the tune in my head today, all.day.long.All.Day.Long!

  3. LynnM

    So good I watched it twice. Was marianne the only one in Oklahoma dancing?

  4. No, I think my friend Ellie was dancin’ too.

  5. I promise you all, there were a great many dancing!

    Conor and Gracie attend a public school that is wonderfully and incredibly diverse, watching the faces, watching for the smiles, the knowing smiles, the spring to the step, you could see it!

    I had a wonderful talk with the kids (they got to vote in their classes) about who they voted for (Obama) and why.
    They told me only 2 -4 other kids in the classes voted the Republican ticket.
    I’ll go check Ellie’s blog out, thanks!

  6. Hah! I went and checked out Ellie’s blog and started reading, scrolling through the post and saw the video clip of the little kid telling us to get out there and vote and noted that ‘Chris Rodgers’ sent it to her.
    Such a wee bitty world we live in, eh?
    Chris is my oldest and best buddy. She’s my COB sister, (Crusty Old Bitch), our friendship has been 30+ years. nearly 40.