One Proud Junkie.

04voters_span_5331I have been a political junkie since I was 13. My first memory of serious thoughts about politics was when, while in English class on a cold November afternoon, the French teacher across the hall knocked on the classroom door telling Mrs. Raymond that JFK had been shot. When we were told, we all sat in silence not knowing what to do as both teachers started crying. That was the moment I began to pay attention to the world outside the small town Pennsylvania community in which I lived. Following days of being glued to black and white TV and then discussions in school, I began to think about what was happening in a serious way.

The 1964 party conventions were the first I remember paying attention to. As a Republican kid, I was for Goldwater and remember staying up late listening to the San Francisco convention and paying close attention to the speeches and dramatic announcements of each state’s vote. Then, I remember being only one of two Goldwater supporters in my homeroom class and thinking, what is this all about.

College and the 60’s changed my political persuasion to the liberal I am today. After working as a volunteer on campaigns from Nixon (1968 as a freshman) to Clinton, having been through the Carter win in 1976, the blowouts of McGovern in 1972, Mondale in 1988 and Dukakas in 1988, and I never would have thought that America would elect a black man as its President.obama081103_1_560

TODAY, I AM ONE PROUD POLITICAL JUNKIE–proud in what this means for opportunity to all, proud that this country is the one country in the world where a minority can be elected president, proud of the person my country has elected and proud that we are moving to a new era of hope.

After a long time, I believe that the future of the USA may be on the rise.


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