Report from a Philly Bar.

In my distant youth, I spend many hours in Philly Bars like the one described here. This story from someone who was in the bar during the Obama 30 minute ad is, to me, very telling. Something is happening if a 30 minute political commercial can have this kind of effect at a bar in Philadelphia

  1. After a few minutes, someone asked the bartender to turn up the sound, which he did.
  2. And then the place got quiet. This is a bar-full of crazy Philly phans, chomping at the bit for the ball game to start. And the place got quiet to listen to “the ad”. People were actually listening and watching.
  3. When it was done, people applauded. Yes. Applauded a political ad.
  4. The game coverage came on; and during the first commercial break, a McCain attack ad came on. The reaction was mainly shaking of heads.

As a bit of a personal aside, I lived 2 blocks from the fountain in the photo in 1976. (And, I’ve been gone from Philly since I moved from there.)


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  1. Daughter Havala called me the moment it was over, asking ‘what are you feeling’… we both shared the fact that we were moved to tears while watching the ‘ad’, among other things. all good. all hopeful.