Jesus Had it Right. Vote No. on Proposition 8.



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3 responses to “Jesus Had it Right. Vote No. on Proposition 8.

  1. Has this guy read Romans chapter 1? I think Jesus had it right when he quoted Moses and said “A man shall leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife, and the shall become one flesh.” Do you think Jesus would set aside the very passage of scripture he quotes? I imagine proposition 8 will fail in the State of California, but I would hate to stand before God on judgement day and admit that I voted against it.

  2. LynnM

    Iris Robinson needs to listen carefully to this!

  3. In a nation that embraces both freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion, none of us have the right to write OUR theology into the California constitution — and that’s what Propostion 8 would do.