I’m away all morning and a good part of the afternoon at the California Institution for Woman volunteering for a Get on the Bus, picnic for about 400 kids, their caregivers, and their mothers who are inmates. Politics and other things will just have to wait

UPDATE: I’m back from the prison. It was fun watching the kids all excited to enter the prison yard for a full fledged country fair-like atmosphere. Games and events for the kids organized by the woman, many of whom did not have family coming.  I had intended to take some photos (at least outside) but wasn’t able to do so as some of the kids didn’t want their pictures taken. So, I have to wait for the official photos.

On a related note, I heard an interview with the CIW warden, Dawn Davidson, on the local NPR station this morning a I was driving to Corona.  She was expressing the excitement, which was apparent, among both staff and inmates for this event and how everyone was pitching in to make this event a success.  In addition, she commented on the fulfillment of the long awaited newborn nursery, a first for a California prison, which will allow new mothers to spend the first few weeks of their children’s life with their babies.


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