“Who wrote that one?”

“…incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, or all of the above?”

–National Review

Watch Sarah Palin react.



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2 responses to ““Who wrote that one?”

  1. dontbugme

    ” Watching press coverage of the Republican candidate for vice president, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or — or, well, all of the above. Palin, the governor of Alaska, has faced more criticism than any vice-presidential candidate since 1988, when Democrats and the press tore into Dan Quayle. In fact, Palin may have it even worse than Quayle, since she’s taking flak not only from Democrats and the press but from some conservative opinion leaders as well.
    Yes, there are legitimate concerns about Palin’s lack of experience. Who wouldn’t, at the very least, wish that she had more time in the governor’s office on her résumé? But a look at Palin’s 20 months in power, along with interviews with people who worked with her, shows her to be a serious executive, a governor who picked important things to do and got them done — and who didn’t just stumble into an 80 percent job-approval rating.”

  2. dontbugme

    So that really is a quotation from national review, or is CNN being incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, or all of the above in their practice of journalism?