Nail Meet Coffin.

Not to get too over confident but this has got to hurt the McCain campaign.

The former Bush Secretary of State crosses party lines to endorse Obama.

OK, a lot of Dems will not be too happy as Powell helped spread the Bush lies about Iraq but, I think this will help move military voters and independents who may have doubts about Obama.



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4 responses to “Nail Meet Coffin.

  1. MmeM

    Powell didn’t use his expertise and gravitas to stand up and say “No” to going into Iraq in the first place when he knew it to be a bad idea. He also didn’t resign in protest. And he’s tried to stay far under the radar…not speaking out at points when he could’ve or should’ve.

    He chooses now to stand up against his party?

    Powell had no cred left.

  2. You are right, he has no cred left with most of the Democratic base but we are already voting for Obama. He does have credibility with many in the middle and the moderate GOP.

  3. Powell’s lack of backbone is going to undermine the worth of this endorsement – especially among the military who have never been overly fond of Powell, though not overly against him either.

    This will be perceived by the important voters – those not firmly fixed to one party or the other – as one of two things:

    1 – Most likely perception – Powell is just siding with who he thinks will win. He has a record for being “moderate” w/ leanings towards who ever is in power.

    2 – Less likely but still relevant perception – It’s about race. The Left and the MSM have done their best to make this election about race. Now that is going to – to some extent – poison Powell’s endorsement.

    Sadly, Powell could have avoided this weakening of his creditability – what he had left – by giving his endorsement earlier in the race.

  4. MmeM

    The reprise of pandering to the “Obamicans” does not necessarily instill confidence.

    But then again, this yellow dog left the party after the telecom immunity capitulation.