Why Obama is More Pro-Life Than McCain.

In a discussion with some friends, last night, I said that even though Obama supported a woman’s right to choose I considered him the real pro-life candidate as his policies, on the whole, more fully support life in all its forms. Many supposed “pro-life” (really anti-abortion) supporters don’t support policies that make life possible and easier for poor children after they are born. Likewise, they are very strong supporters of the death penalty, which is NOT being pro life.

From Catholic writer, Rocco Palmo comes word of this statement from Nigerian Catholic Archbishop John Onaiyekan strongly supporting Obama over McCain.

“Of course I believe that abortion is wrong, that it’s killing innocent life,” he said. “I also believe, however, that those who are against abortion should be consistent.

“If my choice is between a person who makes room for abortion, but who is really pro-life in terms of justice in the world, peace in the world, I will prefer him to somebody who doesn’t support abortion but who is driving millions of people in the world to death,” Onaiyekan said.

“It’s a whole package, and you never get a politician who will please you in everything,” he said. “You always have to pick and choose.”


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