How Does McCain Handle A Crisis?

From Rachel Maddow (my new favorite MSNBC political show) comes this great summary of the McCain campaign.

When Russia was invading Georgia, McCain rushed in, we’re all Georgians, let’s rumble with Russia! As Hurricane Gustav bore down on New Orleans, he partially cancelled the Republican convention. When Obama fared well at his convention, McCain’s response was to throw the ultimate hail Mary pass and choose Sarah Palin, an inexperienced governor, even though his entire campaign was built around criticizing his opponent’s inexperience. Economy in chaos? Wall St. in turmoil? McCain now says let’s fire the chairman of the SEC in the middle of the crisis. And now that there’s a big proposed Wall St. bailout plan, McCain has out hail-Mary’d himself. Suspend the campaigns! post-pone the debate!

If you haven’t watched Rachel, or even if you have, read this profile in today’s NY Times. She is a breath of fresh air for progressives.


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